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Become a Local Councillor

How to become a local councillor, ready for next year's elections.

LALC Annual Conference

The Annual conference will take place at the Leyland Hallmark Hotel in April 2020.  

Water Level Management - Alt Crossens

Extension of notice period to 31 December 2018

Annual General Meeting 

The AGM will be held in 2019 on November 23rd at Howick House

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Certificate in Local Council Administration

There are 40 Clerks in Lancashire and Merseyside who have achieved qualification. There are several clerks currently preparing their portfolios.

The next course will commenc on April 11th 2020.

Publications to Download from the NALC Website include;

Pointers to Good Practice

Governance & Accountability for Local Councils; A Practitioners Guide 2019

The Good Councillor's Guide


Lobby Day

What is Lobby Day?

Lobby Day is an important part of the National Association’s advocacy programme aimed at promoting parish and town councils in Parliament.

It takes place the same day as our National Council and involves representatives of county associations and NALC meeting with Members of Parliament (MPs).

County associations and parish and town councils play a vital role in helping us maintain and increase the sector’s influence with government, civil servants and Parliamentarians, especially talking to MPs and telling them what great things you are doing and getting them to support the changes we are calling for on your behalf.

Lobby Day provides a fantastic opportunity to do just that, building on the foundations laid in previous years to develop and strengthen relations with MPs.

LALC Constitution

This is the current version of the constitution.  Members will discuss slight amendments at the AGM in November.